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Introducing: Findsight

Explore and compare the core ideas from thousands of non-fiction works and supercharge your learning!

SQLite-only Rate Limiting

Enforcing rate limits with a single SQLite statement

You’re using the wrong Apple (Silicon) Cores

More threads isn't more better on modern CPUs

Hypothetical Embeddings Explained

Using Large Language Models to explore knowledge without the risk of hallucinations

Nim 2.0 on Apple Silicon

A good programming language gets a great update!

Baking Vertex Animations into Alembic Files

Convert OBJ sequences to single Alembic files, transport animation data between apps

Pre-baking dynamics into FBX animations

Rendering physics in 3D engines that don't support it!

turbo.js - 5 years later

When GPGPU with JavaScript in browsers was hot stuff!

Pure Postgres Cosine Similarity Search

Building a simple recommendation system based on large vector similarity

YouTube-like Short IDs as Postgres Primary Keys

Fixed length and URL-safe identifiers